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Feb 28, 2013 7:00am PST
the leaders. jay carney tweeted a picture of the president with leaders before the rosa parks event describing the conversation as great. republicans say it lasted about a minute. where do we stand here and what about republicans like we just heard criticizing the administration for scare tactics? >> right, i mean i'm starting to have that groundhog's day feel to it where we're seeing each side repeating their sides day after day. the republicans conceding their revenues and democrats are refusing to consider spending cuts. the fact that they're meeting is obviously a positive sign and we have seen these kind of christ cities avoided before. >> the senate is voting on two bills to deal with the sequester, both are expected to fail. ly this is what the president said last night. >> i think it was winston churchill who once said americans always do the right thing after they have exhausted every other possibility. and we're now getting to the point where we have exhausted any other possibility. >> what's the game plan, being pushed up against the wall that we have exhausted every other possibili
Feb 27, 2013 7:00am PST
president obama and other lawmakers will be on hand for the dedication of the rosa parks statue of the u.s. capitol. the dedication comes as the supreme court hears arguments at this hour on whether to strike down a key provision of the landmark 1965 voting rights act. shelby county, alabama officials claim section 5 of the law is no longer needed, the part of the law telling states any proposed election change would not discriminate against minority voters. >> one question the supreme court will ask, how much has the south changed? the reference point? bloody sunday, march 7th, 1965. state troopers tossing tear gas, swinging clubs, and leading horses over those wanting to protect the right to vote for african-americans. 600 peaceful protesters were attacked there. that led to president johnson signing the voting rights act, 1965, saying government cannot deny citizens the right to vote based on race or color. that act reaffirmed the 15th amendment. today critics ask if the act causes unjustifiable, unequal treatment of certain states and if it costs states too much to enforce. supporter
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2